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You perusing this page means you are interested in our latest covet fashion hack tool! As you obviously is aware, Covet Fashion is a free game available for download on your iOS or Android device. I play mine on an Amazon Kindle and I got the game from the Amazon App store. The object of the game is to put together outfits that are then voted on by the other players. You have to score at least 4 stars to win the main prize. If your look scores higher, you can win more prizes! Like I said 4.0 wins the main prize, 4.5 wins 25 bonus diamonds, 5.0 wins a second clothing prize (called bonus rewards), and 5.6 wins 2,000 diamonds. The top score you can get from votes is 5.0, but for prize levels, your bonuses are factored in.

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For example, the look that you entered scored a 3.8 in voting. If you maxed out both of your bonuses, 0.60 is added to the voting score. Your total score will be 4.40. With this score, you will win the main prize.

If your look scored 4.0 in voting and you MAX your bonuses, you will win the main prize and get 25 bonus diamonds because your total score is 4.6.

Covet Fashion Hack Cheat Advantages


There are 2 bonuses that you can get with every look. The maximum for each is 0.30. There is a little meter in the bottom left corner of your screen that shows how high your bonus is for each aspect depending on what your model is wearing.

Unworn–the unworn bonus comes from wearing clothes that you have not worn in any events yet. You can buy new clothes or win them. The unworn status of an item appears in green in the clothing box; if it isn’t there, the garment has been worn. If you click on the bottom of the box where the clothing is displayed in your closet you can “reset unworn.” This means you can buy the newness of the item back. You pay full price to wear it again and get the unworn bonus from that item again. Personally, I think there should be a small discount 10-20%, but the makers are adding cool changes all the time and the game is fairly young.

Another way to increase your unworn bonus is to borrow from your friends’ closets. You don’t get the full unworn value from the item, but if it’s expensive enough, it can give your score a significant boost. Borrowing from friends does not remove the garment from their closet nor does it affect the unworn status as to them, so don’t be shy! You can only borrow one thing from each friend at a time so make it count.

Seasonal–the seasonal bonus comes from the season of clothes you are wearing. Most events want you to wear the current season, but there are Flashback events that want an older season of garments. Look for the season in the clothing box in your closet it will say spring 2015 or whenever it is from. Garments are arranged with the current season first in your closet.

The MAX of each of these bonuses is 0.30, but they are calculated differently. The unworn bonus requires that you meet a threshold. I can never figure out exactly what it is, but I think it’s around $1,200. You have to wear about $1,200 worth of unworn stuff to get the MAX bonus and then you can throw on whatever other stuff you need without changing the bonus.

The seasonal bonus is a percentage. Think of all the items that your model has on as 100%. If 100% of your look is from the current season, you’re good. One little piece, no matter how cheap, will chip away at this bonus. The more expensive the out of season item is; the more your bonus meter will go down.


Every event costs tickets to enter. You earn tickets by voting on looks. You are given 2 tickets for every block of 5 looks you vote on. COVET Fashion also gives you a 20 ticket allowance each day in your inbox (100 diamonds are included now also which is awesome). The Daily 500 event is only 15 tickets, but the rest of the timed events are 25 (there are also Jet Set events, but that’s another post).


Every event has restrictions or items you have to wear to enter the event. Sometimes it gives you a color, a brand name, or a material of clothes to wear; sometimes it will give you a specific item. Use the filter button > events; click the specifics and it will show you the items that fit the description that you have in your closet (be aware of the season). If nothing comes up, you have to shop for the item or check your friends’ closets. The filter stays on so it will only show you the items that can be used in the event (this is true for friends’ closets or the store). Pick from the restrictions/requirements first and then build an outfit around them.

*when you are shopping and you buy something, return to your closet to put the item on and then go shopping again to try on clothes WITH your new item; it helps you build an outfit.

This no longer applies because the recent game update puts the clothes you buy on the model while you are shopping. Even if you come across an item you already own in the store, you can put it on.

These are some basic rules for COVET Fashion gameplay. It may seem complicated at first, but once you understand how it all works it becomes a lot easier. If you have any questions please ask in the comments and I will do my best to answer.

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